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We sometimes forget that the simplest things with computers can really save time and improve productivity.

I had a great example of this today. I use the calculator on my computer all the time. I was finding I was wasting time searching for under accessories after going into the start menu.

While this isn't that big of a deal, a bunch of little things like this can lead to it taking longer to get things done and as a result, not achieving as much in a day. I'm always looking for ways to get more done faster.

My fix to this problem? Before opening up the calculator I right-clicked and dragged the calculator onto my task bar at the bottom of the screen (Windows 7 users only) and told it to pin there. Now I will never need to hunt for the calculator again.

Every program I use regularly is pinned to my task bar saving me a few seconds every time I open them.

If you're not doing this too, give it a try. I know it's a small improvement but I'd like to hear if it makes your day a little easier.

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