Worried About Power Outages Blowing Up Your Computer Network?

Many people understand the benefits of a surge suppressor power strip in protecting their electronic equipment. The concept of a power spike damaging things is common knowledge.

What happens however, when the opposite occurs and you have a brownout? This is where an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) becomes important. In many areas of Toronto brownouts are very common, particularly in the summer months when the supply grid is overtaxed.

The effect of brownouts on desktops, servers and network equipment can have a costly impact on your productivity as it can cause computers to restart unexpectedly resulting in lost work or worse, data corruption. Without question, servers need to be protected by a correctly sized Smart UPS that will provide power for enough time to survive a brownout or short power outage and safely signal the server to shut down during a longer failure.

Last week's power outage in downtown Toronto affecting 6,500 customers was a perfect example of the importance of having a UPS. Businesses who have one properly configured (which we do as part of our Managed IT Services) would have seen their server safely shut down on Thursday night. Those who didn't, may have come into the office to hardware issues or software corruption on Friday morning.

Desktops can similarly be protected using an inexpensive desk side UPS. Network equipment, routers, switches and firewalls are commonly forgotten about and should also be protected. Most UPS devices use lead acid batteries much like the one in your car and occasionally need replacement. In many cases batteries can be replaced for considerably less than the cost of a new device.

Summer and its related power problems are here so it's important to be proactive and ensure that your network is well protected.

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