The Beginning Of The End For My Blackberry

I know there are still lots of people out there like me... I speak with them every week.

People who are patiently waiting, hoping for a Blackberry renaissance. Hoping that the Canadian company we have supported for so long will somehow find its way again and start coming out with devices that are ones to talk about, instead of just adding a few new features that try to play catch up to the iPhone.

We are the people who get sneered at by all those Apple groupies. Especially when we travel down to the U.S., people look at us funny. "Really? A Blackberry? Those things are still around?" we hear.

Well, I've gotten fed up with waiting. I've taken one small step. I haven't abandoned my Blackberry altogether but this weekend marked the beginning of the end for the device I've relied on for the last decade.

I've borrowed an iPhone from a friend and over the next couple weeks I will be trying out what a transition will be like.

I plan to document that transition here for others, because I get asked about smartphones and tablets more than any other technology these days.

I hooked up the iPhone yesterday. It connected to the wireless in our house without a problem. I tried out the camera and was impressed.

I wondered if I could get all the apps and music my wife (an Apple groupie) has bought onto my iPhone. She took the iPhone from me and a few minutes later came back and it was done.

My Blackberry and my Playbook still doesn't have any music on it.

Apps for my two-year-old to play with? Check. They were quickly downloaded too without any extra cost. I'll be downloading that potti training app I talked about in a previous blog as well.

The one thing everyone frets about with a move to the iPhone (and I'm not an exception) is the keyboard. After all those years using a Blackberry, will I be able to type on the touch screen?

Well on that, it's going to take some time. It took me 10 minutes to post my status on Facebook. I clearly need practice.

It's not like typing on my Blackberry, where, I'm actually typing out this blog right now.

Hmmmm... We'll definitely need to see about that one.

I've been able to play with the iPhone a lot over the weekend. I even played a couple games (I'm awesome at Risk in case you were wondering) but I refuse to get sucked into Angry Birds. I might never get anything done if I download it.

Now this week's test will be using it for work. Tomorrow I will see how hard it'll be to get my email, calendar and contacts on it.

I'll try our line of business software on it. I'll see if I can be without my Blackberry and just use an iPhone a whole day.

Time to see what you got iPhone.

I'll let you know how it does.

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