How to Reduce Risk with Better IT Support

Your technology is a huge part of your business risk that must be managed effectively. Here are some of the ways we reduce your risk when you become a client.

Protect Your Data

The most important thing we do for any client is protect their critical business data. When you Techify your backup and disaster recovery, we guarantee that data on your server will be safe regardless of what happens. We back that up with a 100% data protection guarantee that has big financial penalties from us if ever cannot restore data from backups – that is how confident we are in our approach!

Protect Your Security

Online criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses and just having anti-virus software doesn’t cut it any more. When you Techify Your Security, you get protected from external threats and internal threats with a multi-layered approach. That approach includes advanced security measures against hackers, malware, viruses, phishing attacks and employee mistakes or criminal activity.

Delegate Your Risk

When you outsource your IT to Techify, you delegate the risk of IT issues to us because of our flat rate IT support approach. If you have a major issue, you don’t pay extra. If something difficult arises, you don’t scramble for more senior help, you already have it.

Reduce risk with better IT support by Techifying your business today!