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    Techify/ʈɛkˈɪˌfɑɪ/ v.

    To save time and reduce risk with better IT support.

  • What Makes Techify Different

    Toronto’s only 5-minute guaranteed response time

    Manage your IT strategy in 4 hours per year

    Guaranteed protection from data loss

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How Techify IT Outsourcing Works


IT Strategy

You get a strong IT strategy that we execute and report on so you can manage it in four hours or less a year.


Help Desk

Support is fast and effective with our 5-minute response time guarantee.



Your IT is setup with our Techify Orange Certified Best Practices that eliminate most common issues.


Data Protection

Our backup and disaster recovery approach is so good we will write you a cheque for $1,000 if data is ever lost from your server.

The Results You Get…

We relied on Techify and they helped us vault into 21st Century with a sophisticated and effective paperless system. We have a reliable network, fast internet and we know any time we have an issue or a new challenge, Techify is just one phone call away.


Dr. Izchak Barzilay,
Prosthodontic Associates

In the modern world we have become so reliant on technology and all it has to offer that it’s absolutely imperative that our IT systems are always up and running. Without them you’re effectively closed until they’re restored. We’ve worked with Techify as our technology partner for 16 years now, and we know we can trust them to not only head off issues before they happen with proactive solutions and sound advice, but also, when something does go awry, they will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Doug Switzer,
President and CEO
Ontario Motor Coach Association

In bringing Techify on board, we have essentially hired a full crew with a lot of depth and knowledge in a lot of competencies for about a third of the costs of what we were paying for an in-house expertise. Response time has been as good as it can get. The quality of the service has been amazing. Working with your staff has been an absolute pleasure. Your staff really knows what they are doing


Husam Mansour,
Chief Operating Officer
Pollution Probe

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